Sir Francis Bacon is credited with saying “Knowledge is power.”
However, it’s only what you do with that knowledge that makes a difference.

Our seminars are geared towards making sure that you get what you need to know to make the biggest improvements in your health.

We host a variety of seminars on a regular basis in our office.


The Doctor’s Report

This is our WHY, which is Chiropractic.  We know that Chiropractic improves the health of every human being.  The Doctor’s Report is the most important seminar you will attend at our office and is highly recommended for each individual who starts care in our office.

Our other seminars are based on living a healthy lifestyle, a lifestyle that we truly believe is the best way to increase and then later support your health.  Self care is health care and it is our experience that people who take an active role in improving their health respond to chiropractic care in a much better way than those who do not.  Our seminars are designed to arm you with the tools you need to increase the level of awesomeness in your life.


Your physical health is essential and our mobility seminar will take you through steps you can take at home in order to increase your mobility, flexibility, and strength.


Our nutrition seminar is based on the paleo/primal diet.  You will gain a clear understanding as to why eating a paleolithic diet is the key to exceptional health from the inside, out.


Your thoughts control your actions in so many ways and while that sounds cliche, we can’t underestimate how important it is to have a clear vision of what you want your life to be.  This seminar helps you achieve more clarity, efficiency, and power in your life.

Lunch and Learn Corporate Presentations

Dr. Tom has been active in the community presenting on the benefits of maintaining a healthy spine

  • Topics include
    1. Proper ergonomics and posture
    2. Spinal hygiene
    3. Backpack Safety
    4. Healthy lifestyle practices including sleep, nutrition, mobility and exercise

Please contact the office if you would like more information on presentations 705-734-9520

Chiropractic helps people achieve exceptional levels of health. For my family or yours, I can't imagine anything more important.

- Dr. Andrea

I have so much gratitude for chiropractic and the simple yet extraordinary power of the adjustment process...helping people of all ages express more health and more life is nothing short of inspiring.

- Dr. Tom