sprout! is exclusively offered at Anderson Chiropractic Group in Barrie.

A seminar series for parents who want exceptional health for their children. There are four seminars to attend:


1) Nutrition for Healthy Families
2) Understanding Immunity
3) Active Parents, Active Kids
4) Inspiring Self Esteem

The sprout seminars are offered on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 11:00AM-11:45AM at Anderson Chiropractic Group.

These seminars are offered at no charge however reservations are mandatory, as space is reserved to ten moms and their children.  Please call 705.734.9520 to reserve a seat.

Chiropractic helps people achieve exceptional levels of health. For my family or yours, I can't imagine anything more important.

- Dr. Andrea

I have so much gratitude for chiropractic and the simple yet extraordinary power of the adjustment process...helping people of all ages express more health and more life is nothing short of inspiring.

- Dr. Tom