Chiropractic Lights Up Your Life

This week we had some tremendous stories in our office that I wanted to share with you.  So often, Chiropractic can be pigeon holed into a remedy for back pain.  Or headaches.  Or sciatica.  We, in part, take the blame.  As Chiropractors, we may not be doing a good enough job in sharing what exactly it is that we do.  These stories, I think, will help change that.


We had little V come into our office earlier this week for his first visit.  V is just seven weeks old.  He was born quickly but healthy, after a mere 3 hours of labour (which may sound great to all of the birthing mamas out there but a quick birth can be very stressful on a newborn baby).  He was developing normally, has good head control, and he was generally happy.  Until last weekend when he  started to become really cranky.  He would cry and have difficulty being comforted by his mom and dad.  His body became more rigid, as if he couldn’t relax.  He wasn’t sleeping well…waking at 3 in the morning and not napping until at least 12 hours later, and for a mere half hour at best.  And lastly he was throwing up a lot.  He was clearly uncomfortable and something was keeping him from being the healthy little boy he had seemed to be up until a week ago.   His mom brought V in to see us and after an exam, it was clear that there was a lot of stress in his upper neck and his lower spine.  He was subluxated.  After his first adjustment, V started sleeping in four hour stretches, had significantly less vomiting episodes, and was able to sleep on his own instead of upright in his mom’s arms.   Imagine what a difference that makes in not only V’s life but the lives of his parents and big brother.


We also had the opportunity to connect with A.  An avid runner, who had competed in half and full marathons up until this past spring, her health had dramatically changed this past May after hurting her back while reaching for something in an crouched position.  She came to us because of the pain in her upper and lower back.  What she didn’t expect was that after her second adjustment, she regained her hearing that had also been lost since her injury.  For four months, her hearing had been distorted, as if she was walking around with her fingers in her ears.  And now it was back, almost all of the time, except for when she had to reach above her head.  To quote her, “I can’t wait to see what else is going to happen with Chiropractic!”.  We can’t wait to see either!


Thirdly, meet F.  F has been with us since mid-summer.  He has had recurring arm tingling and pain that has been hanging on for a while.  There were small improvements over the weeks of Chiropractic care he had received but nothing permanent and nothing significant.  Until this week, when I asked how his arm was, and he looked up with a big smile and said “Much better.  Much much better.”  It took eight weeks to see an improvement, but it had come.  Chiropractic works to remove interference in the nervous system, called subluxations.  It is not about the treatment of symptoms that people experience.  However often, when subluxations are corrected, symptoms tend to alleviate and disappear on their own.  We explained this in the beginning of care, but often people get frustrated if they don’t see immediate improvement.  F understood this and was patient with the process, and the commitment he made to improving his health reaped the rewards in the long run.


We get to experience miracles every day in our office.  We wanted to share them with you, to show you just how much Chiropractic can improve health.  How Chiropractic is so much more than just back pain or headaches.  It’s about LIFE.  It’s about restoring function to the human body.  It’s about increasing your potential.


How has Chiropractic made a difference in your life?


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