Back to School: BackPack Safety

Kids are heading back to school which means that backpacks are once again being used daily.  Here are a few tips to help you show your child the best ways to pack and wear a backpack. Backpacks and their contents should weigh between 10-20% of…


What Have You Done for Yourself Today?

“Self care is health care.”  This is a statement you will hear us say often in the office.  The purpose is to make people aware that they have to be responsible for their own health.  One has to make themselves accountable to the lifestyle choices they…


Chiropractic Lights Up Your Life

This week we had some tremendous stories in our office that I wanted to share with you.  So often, Chiropractic can be pigeon holed into a remedy for back pain.  Or headaches.  Or sciatica.  We, in part, take the blame.  As Chiropractors, we may not be…


Adjusting newborn babies

Adjusting a newborn baby is easily the best part of my job.  They are so new.  So small.  So fresh.  So beautiful.  In my opinion, there is no greater honour in Chiropractic than to be given the opportunity to check a newborn baby.  I truly…


Generation Day 2014

One of our favourite days of the year is our Annual Generation Day.  It’s one way we express our gratitude for all of the amazing families we take care of throughout the year.  We offer a family fee of $35 and that allows each member…