Adjusting newborn babies

Adjusting a newborn baby is easily the best part of my job.  They are so new.  So small.  So fresh.  So beautiful.  In my opinion, there is no greater honour in Chiropractic than to be given the opportunity to check a newborn baby.  I truly…


Generation Day 2014

One of our favourite days of the year is our Annual Generation Day.  It’s one way we express our gratitude for all of the amazing families we take care of throughout the year.  We offer a family fee of $35 and that allows each member…


How much water should I drink?

This is a question we get a lot in practice. How much water should I be drinking on a daily basis? If you google it, you will find lots of different opinions on the topic. • Eight 8 oz glasses a day • Your body…


The Power Hour

The Power Hour is one of the best things I have done for myself in the last year. It has made me more productive, more efficient, and more on purpose in my life. It helped me achieve some amazing things last year: • I increased…