Back to School: Healthy Lunch Options

  School Lunches.  Easily one of the most dreaded tasks parents have as school starts up again.  There is something laissez faire and lovely about the laid back summer lunch routine.  Grazing through the day without a routine that is set.  Hungry?  Grab something from…


Back to School: BackPack Safety

Kids are heading back to school which means that backpacks are once again being used daily.  Here are a few tips to help you show your child the best ways to pack and wear a backpack. Backpacks and their contents should weigh between 10-20% of…


Daily Health Intentions for 2015

A new year…a new you.  Not really.  You’re still you…you can’t change who you are.  But you can change your habits.  You can change your daily lifestyle habits and create a HEALTHIER you.  Not a new you, a HEALTHIER you.   About 70% of people…


What Have You Done for Yourself Today?

“Self care is health care.”  This is a statement you will hear us say often in the office.  The purpose is to make people aware that they have to be responsible for their own health.  One has to make themselves accountable to the lifestyle choices they…


Chiropractic Lights Up Your Life

This week we had some tremendous stories in our office that I wanted to share with you.  So often, Chiropractic can be pigeon holed into a remedy for back pain.  Or headaches.  Or sciatica.  We, in part, take the blame.  As Chiropractors, we may not be…


A Body in Motion Stays in Motion

  “I move, therefore I am.”        – Haruki Murakami, 1Q84   Movement is essential to life.  When you think about it, as human beings we are constantly moving.  Even when we are sleeping, our lungs are expanding and contracting.  At the cellular…