Adjusting newborn babies

Adjusting a newborn baby is easily the best part of my job.  They are so new.  So small.  So fresh.  So beautiful.  In my opinion, there is no greater honour in Chiropractic than to be given the opportunity to check a newborn baby.  I truly believe there is no greater trust that someone can have in me.  By handing me your perfect bundle and asking me to check her nervous system connection, you have humbled me.

As a mom to three beautiful little bundles (not so little anymore, 7 years, 5 years and 18 months respectively), I remember the trust I had to have in people who wanted to hold my babies.  So I thank you for having that trust in me and allowing me the opportunity to check them.

The birth process is hard.  Hard on mom and hard on baby.  Coming from a world that is warm, fluid, low sensory, and familiar and being welcomed into a world that is bright, loud, cool, and new is stressful in itself.  Every smell, every sight, every sound, every touch…it’s all new.  Their brains are stimulated every moment that they are awake, even if they are at home with mom and dad in the comfort of a bed.  Life is definitely different on the outside.

When I’m asked why I think babies (and children) should be checked by a Chiropractor, my answer is simple.  Because they deserve the absolute best when it comes to their health.  I am not asked new parents to check their newborns because they are concerned about sciatica or headaches.  Or that their baby may be developing low back pain.  I’m asked because these parents understand the crucial connection between the brain and body and that often the birth process can cause interference or disruption of this connection.  A small chiropractic adjustment can produce such powerful results.

Babies and children should be checked by a chiropractor because they deserve to be as healthy as possible.   They should be able to connect with the world around them.  They should be able to adapt to stresses in their lives.  They should be able to express their full potential.  They should be able to grow, develop and flourish with ease.

Yes, they will still get sick.  Yes, they will still have bumps, bruises, and falls.  Yes, they will still experience life with all of the ups and downs.  Chiropractic isn’t there to prevent any of this (and nor should it be!).  Chiropractic just helps children adapt to all of this as they go through life.

I saw it (and continue to see it) with my own well-adjusted children.  I see it in all of the children we check on a weekly basis in our office.  I see it in the thousands of children around the world who I know are well adjusted.  I see “it” – the beauty of being subluxation-free.  And I am so incredibly grateful to be able to have the gift to adjust all of these little beings in our world.


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